date: 07/01/03
Made some minor changes on the site. There's a new graphics section, coloured stuff. Got a Wacom Tablet for christmas and will show some of the future results in there.

date: 06/05/19
Updated my graphix-site and added some pencil drawings from my scratchbook. Some of them might be worth a look...

I took some days off from work. That does not mean that I've got time to be lazy, there are lots of things to do in my house.
Did another model for mechelon. The Beta-phase of the game already startet. Unfortunately I missed the time to get a beta-account. Well, I've got no time anyway.
[Giant, Mech, Perspective]
[Giant, Mech, Top]

I made another chopper. The last one wasn't very good and neither me nor Yoko were satisfied with it.
I got the feeling that Yoko was a bit pissed because I've been working rather slow and rather sloppy. The last models all looked more like toys than like war machines. All I can say for my defense is that it's been quite turbulent since last weekend.
So, here's the update for the mechelon models:
[Transport, Chopper, Perspective]
[Transport, Chopper, Top]
[Transport, Hovercraft, Perspective]
[Transport, Hovercraft, Top]

One more model for mechelon. Nothing else to report.
[Transport, Chopper, Perspective]
[Transport, Chopper, Top]

Tons of new pictures to see today! I finished the first part of the mechelon-design. Take a look!
[Bird, Mech, Perspective]
[Bird, Mech, Top]
[Coloss, Mech, Perspective]
[Coloss, Mech, Top]
[Cruiser, Ship, Perspective]
[Cruiser, Ship, Top]
[Mosquito, Plane, Perspective]
[Mosquito, Plane, Top]
[Rover, Armored Vehicle, Perspective]
[Rover, Armored Vehicle, Top]
[Stalker, Mech, Perspective]
[Stalker, Mech, Top]
[Tank, Armored Vehicle, Perspective]
[Tank, Armored Vehicle, Top]
[Submarine, Ship, Perspective]
[Submarine, Ship, Top]

Made another one ... this is actually the only more or less satisfying work I'm doing right now. Everything else is either boring, useless or dumb.
[Mechelon Model No. 3]

The last two mechelons where not exactly what Yhoko, the creator of the game, had been searching for. He actually needed something less humanoid. So I started the whole thing from scratch - maybe the last two mechs will reappear as some kind of battlesuit or something.
So far I made two new models. I had some kind of creative blockade in between when I tried to think of something that would make each mechelon unique. My problem was: the machines in question are nothing more than a cockpit and a pair of legs. The legs should have this bird-like appearance, but Yhoko also asked for something that made every machine distinguishable from the other. So finally the only real difference would have been in the design of the cockpits - and that would have been rather boring. The solution was, that there was absolutely no reason for the legs to look similar. It's a bit difficult to explain, but have a look at the two models. That should make all further explanations unnecessary.
[Mechelon Model No. 1]
[Mechelon Model No. 2]

I made two more models for mechelon. In some cases maya is still an enigma to me. But I hope, my noob-skills are enough for this browsergame. The results are not too bad after all. The only real problem i can sense is, that my imagination and creativity is somewhat limited at the moment. Don't know why - it's just a very ... blurred feeling.
And I'm a catowner now - actually it's a little tom named "Kobold". I've got to get used to having a new "familymember" in the house. But he's very cute.
[Hunchback & Hornet models]

One little update on that rover-model. And I made another model for this mechelon-project, the scavenger. Maya is great for modeling standard-cubes and boxes into something completely different.
Nothing else to report ... oh, well, I'm going to be a kitten-owner soon. But that doesn't belong here...
[Rover with even more color]
[Scavenger v020]

That guy creating browser games contacted me. Actually he'd not forgotten my offer. In between I'd been playing around with Maya some more. It's much more complicated to use, but if you know how it works, it's running rather smoothly. Not much work that's worth showing. The only thing that might be interesting is the Rover-model, this time with some ... well, let's call it 'meta-textures'.
[Rover with a littlebit more color]

I updated the setting-section of the D&D-part of this site. This morning I (more or less) finished the map of my world and scanned it. Then I tried to add some quick flavour colours to make it more map-like. Have a look!
[Map of the Four Realms]

I installed Maya once again and played a bit around with it. Compared to 3ds it's not really more difficult to use - it's just very different, that's all.
I also offered a guy my services who's making browser games. He was more looking for someone making sketches than 3d graphics. Well, it was worth a try.
Rover, result of toying with Maya - no textures

Weekend's comin' ... and it brings the "Donauinsel-Fest" with it. I hate this event. It's dirty, it's crowded, it's loud. I wish we had more time for another RPG-session, for i'm almost exploding because of so many ideas, but because of this event we won't play. Ah, and the other reason why I'm almost frightened of the coming weekend is that it marks the end of my holidays. Two sweet weeks of being very creative in multiple ways. After that weekend it will be again working 9 hours daily and being exhausted after finally coming home.
[Rant off]

Updated the second half of my party-portraits. I'm not particularly happy with them, but better than nothing. Also had some look again into the NWN-toolset and I'm somewhat disappointed by the limited roleplaying-possibilities of computergames.
Grunz, the Fighter
Ezurghoul, the Barbarian
Igorzk, the Rogue

I made a couply of portraits for my d&d-party. For now it's only the girls, the guys will follow. And they are no masterworks, but a nice exercise. My girlfriend likes "her" image, my sister was not so happy, however. This is not even how I see them in the game. It's much more what paper and pencil are willing to give to me.
Fenya, the Ranger
Lyn, the Wizard
Kyesstria, the Cleric

Back once again. Had a lot to do and found no time for this site. Now I've done something new ... yea, yea, once again. Whatever. There's now a campaign-log of my ongoing Dungeons&Dragons-Campaign (pen&paper-roleplayinggame, for those who do not know). I kept the design as easy as possible, as this is just for insiders - and, of course, for the curious.

I finally got "Knights of the Old Republic" and played it through within a week. Great game and quite replayable!

Work sucks - had to work this weekend and this always brings me down a bit. But, well, I'll take one week holidays beginning with next monday. No cars, no customers, no damage-reports and no roadtax stickers for one week ... aaaah, sounds good!

Made another portrait because I was bored. Looks good enough, but I decided not to upload it. This kind of style is simply not the one the vault-people want to see. They are more into the photorealistic stuff. Well, I don't mind.
[The Witch]

Tried to make another portrait. Unfortunately the photomaterial was not very good. It still looks somehow nice, but it's not useable as a nwn-portrait.
My girlfried finished translating one of my nwn-modules and uploaded it today. The module was originally in german language and I did not get much feedback - although the little bit I received was almost always positive. Hopefully the english-speaking audience is more communicative.
[another portrait attempt]

The portrait is available on the vault now. According to this I updated the NWN-part of my graphics-site. The small picture on the vault looks terrible for it's pumped up to its double size. Well, doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure that I did a good job this time and I remind myself that success is not measured in download-counts. I'm too much into looking what others think of what I'm doing.

Wanted to buy Knights Of The Old Republic yesterday. According to its release date it should have been in stores - but it wasn't of course. Not really my lucky month.

So I had to keep myself busy with something else. There's that picture of a girl I know. It's a great photograph and I wanted to turn this photograph into a PC-portrait for NWN. It was fun to work on it and I'm actually very pleased with the result. So see here some pictures of "Angua" in different states of creation:
[Angua - Black&White]
[Angua - Coloured]
[Angua - Final Release Version]

I added a new section to the graphics site. As I'm still planning to make these news-updates via php there should be also some changes concerning how many entries are shown on the newspage. Not showing all of them would of course lead to having lots of pics on this server without any link to them. So I made a collection of my wip-pics. Furthermore I moved some of the older news into an archive. I also thought about doing the php-news-thing, but there are some problems I've to solve before I start working on it.

Actually there would be both good and bad news again. But let's just skip the bad news and talk of the good ones only.
Today I created a new weapon-layout. I needed a special look for a magic sword - the sword that gives the module its name, to be exact. As it is such an important and unique item i wanted to have it a very special look. The idea of creating a new weapon-style has been spooking around in my head for quite some time. With some help from Danmar's video tutorials and some spying in Pipboy2000's hakpacks and 2da's I am now proud to present [The Sword Flute]!
That reminds me that I will have to give them both big, fat credits once the module is ready. Those two guys helped my a lot without even knowing it.
Anyway, the tricky part of making this sword was to make it available to all classes. This will be important, if not in this module then in it's sequel. This depends on my progress and the ideas which come to my mind while working.

Good news and bad news this time.
Bad news are that my 'new' internet-connection's still not working. I'll give it one more try. If this does not work out once again, I'll ask my provider to buy back the equipment and then I'll look for a new connection - one that makes less installation-troubles.

Good news are that I spent some time modeling again. No big things, but I got inspired by my own module. Searching for good quest ideas I noticed, that one location that still needed a quest was the mill in the village. And as far as I know, there's no module where you can enter the mill. Something, nobody before has ever done ... where no man has gone before ... aaaah, that's where I wanna be!
But why has noone done this? Because there's no mill-equipment for nwn! And who's going to make one? Tadaa! It's me!
Thought it would be an easy job but altough the modeling was done in no time, the tuning of the animations and some scripting-issues took it's time and in the end it took me about three and a half hours. I'll test those placeables in my module first, before I upload it on the vault. No need to hurry this time.

[Millstone Placeable]
[Clockwork Placeable]
[Millstone & Clockwork]

Had a look for a possible 'new' car for me. Well ... this look costed 10 euro and 5 valuable hours of my life and I had better spent this time on something else. Wasn't very funny at all.

Right now I played through my module as far as it is playable. It took me roughly 15 minutes to play it through. I'm not sure if this is ok. Of course, any other player would play longer on the stuff. I didn't read the dialoges, just clicked them through and of course I know already where to go and what to do. So it might be about 25 to 30 minutes playtime. Still not very much. But the main interactive part of the module lies before me to create. So far, this was the introduction to the circumstances under which the player leaves his home and goes on this rather tragic journey. The next part will be a classic nwn-rpg-part in which the player has to fulfill a certain number of small quests to complete the next big goal. Then the module should switch back into this story-telling-mode, leading the player to the great finale. I'd wish I had a bit more time for my module. Things are going so slow, it's almost painful.

Things are running well - altough everything is a bit stressy right now. I got the puzzle-pieces of my old nwn-module together and put some work into it. And it really looks fine! I'm having some nice ideas I'm trying to make true which I think have not been realized in the nwn-community. I'm tempted to show some screenshots but this would ruin the whoa-effect ;-)
The only thing that worries me is the upcoming XP2.Hopefully it does not destroy everything again.
Ah, and one of my creature-projects has been used in a module that will make it into the top-rated within the next days. Nice feeling, that is.
My real-life-work also goes very well. The access-project I did for my job turned out to be exactly what my mates had waited for. Just a little bit of adjustment needed, but that's ok. Actually I'm a bit surprised that I did such a fine job.

Whoa, time's flying by. Last week I returned to the last nwn-module I tried to create. After buying XP1 SoU and playing some custom modules I was very motivated. Today I took a day off from work and concentrated on my module - and after a day of scripting I had to realize that some of the old modified scripts don't work properly in the SoU-version. The hakpack is also not up to date, but I can't find where they hide the new content in SoU!
I could scream!
Right now it feels like all my motivation's gone again. It's no fun working with a tool, that's broken.

I'm back again. Well, at least for this moment. I had so much else on my mind I just had no time to think about this site. And I can't promise that it will change in the near future. But I'm here to show my good will ;)
Right now I'm doing some work for the job - creating some online lists everybody in the company can access and update. I'm not getting paid for that work, but who knows, maybe this pays off in some other way. Anyway I'm again broadening my skill palette this way.



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