neverwinter-nights projects


The Bebilith, an arachnid demon.

Two new Gargoyles with a bit more evil look.

Goats and their Brownie-Goatriders.

Brownies, little gnome-folk - don't make them angry!

Quicklings, little brownies that are incredibly quick.

The Dark Lord, a mysterious, evil fellow.

Angels, the soldiers of the heavens, and their fallen brethren.

Razorback Demonettes with their beautiful yet twisted bodies.

The fireborn Phoenix and some other birds.

A horde of Goatmen, lead by their shaman and their chieftain.

Some old tree-creatures ... my first attempt of creature-design.


Kampf um Ulmarveld is a short adventure for Neverwinter-Nights (all in German!).


Cyberspace, based on the basic tiles from my asian set with an animated tga

Lava-Cave Tilset, lava in a more natural environment than in the bioware-dungeon